About Us


JEZANO was established to take advantage of the ever growing opportunities in natural and herbal medicinal care worldwide.  Based in Toronto (Canada), JEZANO is a B2B company that has established significant relationships in with physicians, pharmacies, clinics and leading technology companies to bring a high value solution targeted at the in clinic and remote patient population. This includes on demand video consultations with physicians, clinical evaluations with our certified clinicians and nurse practitioners to ensure hat our patients has access to the best health care solutions available. two jurisdictions world renowned for their superior high grade cannabis.  Our relationships with a superior fully functional EMR complete with ePrescribing and a large clinical provider network makes our solutions ahead of the market and most convenient alternatives for the active or passive patient.

Our patients have the choice of an in clinic visit with one of our clinicians or video consultations.

Prescriptions may be completed on line as well as delivery of medications which in most cases will be delivered within 24 hours.

Strategic Partners

JEZANO has entered into agreements with strategic partners to capture the "on site / on line medicinal clinic" consultation, diagnosis, eprescription, medication delivery  and patient management market across Canada.  

We recognize that some patients would like to walk in to a brick and mortar facility to have a direct "handshake" experience with their clinicians while others due to conditions such as bad weather, lack of mobility, distance to travel or infirmity may wish to have their health care appointments completed by face to face on demand video consultation with a medical practitioner.

JEZANO has entered into a consulting agreement the Thunder Bay Regional Medicial Cannabis Clinic whereby JEZANO will provide financing and consulting for the launch and operation of bith the storefront clinic and the on line clinic.


JEZANO provides the following services to the natural and herbal health care industry:

  • Direct access to walk in store front medicinal clinics specializing in natural and herbal remedies;
  • Direct access to on line on demand face to face video consultations with medical pracitioners;
  • eCommerce portal for the ordering of prescribed medications;
  • Consultation on clinic and dispensary design and operations;
  • Security systems;
  • Inventory Management systems;
  • Point of Sale systems;
  • Financing for operators in the natural and herbal health care industry.