Wayne V. Isaacs - Chairman & CEO

Mr. Isaacs is the founder and CEO of JEZANO.  Mr. Isaacs is Jamaican born Canadian citizen who has had a long standing business interest in the world wide legal commercialization of natural and herbal, ailment specific treatment.  Recognizing that the wave of legalization and decriminalization of many traditional natural and herbal medicinal solutions are very much in the near future, Mr. Isaacs created JEZANO to serve as an international company specializing in the providing patient populations with direct access to natural and herbal remedies through store front clinics as well as on line clinics and dispensaries.

A graduate of the prestigious Western University, Mr. Isaacs has been very successful in creating value for shareholders in nascent industries.  Mr. Isaacs has served as senior executive and director of over 30 publicly listed companies in Canada during his 28 year carrer on Bay Street.  He has been awarded the Harry Jerome Award for Business and the Herbert Carnegie Future Aces Award for Entrepreneurship in recognition of his business success.  He has been featured in print and televised media worldwide and has appeared as speaker / presenter at conferences in countries such as China, Dubai, Germany, South Africa, Canada and the United States.    Mr. Isaacs continues to develop new opportunities for JEZANO in the global natural and herbal health care market.

D. Glen Wilson - Vice President - Business Development

Mr. Wilson has been in business development for the past 30 years more specifically in developing business for personal investment and financial planning clients in north western Ontario.   Glen attended Lakehead University and has represented financial products for many of the worlds leading investment companies.  Glen is also well known and well respected within the First Nations and Indigenous communities in the north western Ontario corridor from Kenora to Sault Ste. Marie.

Glen  represents JEZANO's interests in assisting Indigenous communities who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to serve their members by providing safe, secured and reliable access to a time honored revered traditional natural and herbal remedies.